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The Speed Yellow Standard – 2000 Porsche 911 Carrera (996) Auction Available Now

Sold – $24,000 (Plus Fees)

Despite the purist’s proclamations about heresy and lost-charm, the 996 generation of Porsche 911s undeniably represents a brilliant bargain for the modern interpretation of the classic 911. Faster than its predecessor and lighter, the 996 took everything the 911 was (besides its classic silhouette) and reinvented it during the turn of the millennium. 296-horsepower from a water-cooled 3.4-liter flat six motor pushing around 2,900lbs of weight makes the 996 a quick car in almost any regard. Built as the successor to the 993, the 996 heralded on a new era for the 911-moniker that had finally reached its engineering precipice with the air-cooled motor. However, factory constraints on quality-control and poor aesthetic choices have created a market environment full of pre-conceived notions about abundant 996 failures, albeit this is far from the reality.

The Porsche 911 that we have for sale today is a genuinely first-hand example of just how bright the 996 can shine. Finished in the eye-catching color Speed Yellow (L12H) this Carrera has been a three-owner car with one of the owners being a Porsche executive for the first six-thousand miles. The paintwork is now in top condition after the front bumper was repainted to alleviate some cracking that had formed. Some minor chips and spots are present around the hood release, but overall the rest of the body shows crisp, original paintwork.  All around the Carrera maintains its factory lighting units, although the forward yellow turn signal markers have been replaced with OEM clear lenses. Completing the exterior options are the upgraded 18” Turbo Twist wheels (Option 413). These wheels have some minor scuffing on them but are strapped with a good set of Hankook Ventus tires and monochromatic Porsche crest center caps.

A complaint during the contemporary years of the 996 was that the interior finish was substandard for a Porsche. This 996, however, does not suffer at the expense of the basic interior fitments as it has the optional full-leather interior. A stitched leather dashboard and door panel covers provide a fantastic improvement over the standard plastic fittings and nicely coincide with the leather shift knob and emergency brake handle. The front seats are partially electric, but they too have been optioned with full-leather seat covers which happily combines with the optional leather rear seats to utterly invoke a lavish interior befitting of your Porsche expectations. For playing tunes, the standard sound system is installed and fitted with a Becker-220 head unit that is able to play CDs. To hold your CDs is a six compartment holder in the center console that resides above an open storage bin. Removable aftermarket rubber floor mats are installed in the front to protect the carpeting.

As aforementioned, the 996 was the first 911 generation to cool off with water instead of air. Despite perceptions of instantaneous failure, the M96 motor is a potent performer that pulls strongly to its 7300rpm redline as indicated on the traditionally central-mounted tachometer of 911s. As of now, this Carrera has 41,000 miles on the odometer, and at 27,000 miles the IMS bearing was replaced with an LN Engineering retrofit bearing, which should pleasantly put to rest any concerns over those possible failures. A standard six-speed manual transmission is equipped, and the seller notes that it shifts smoothly.

Lighter but larger than the 993-predecessor, the 996 was smoother and more well-behaved in turns and with straight-line speed. This particular Carrera takes those stock enhancements even further with the optional M030 sports suspension package. This selection provides a 10mm decrease in ride height with stiffer springs and dampers and also includes larger in diameter front and rear sway bars. With the optional Porsche Stability Management (PSM) system that manages traction through computer-controlled power and brake applications, this 911 is dreamy to drive at the limits.

Purists may cite the 996 as a least-desirable generation but when simply put the performance figures promise and deliver an exhilarating driving experience at a lot less cost. All of its owners have tenderly loved this Carrera, and it cosmetically and mechanically shows. With the sports suspension, vibrant Speed Yellow shade, and fine-leather interior it is a 911 that will consistently put a smile on your face. Plus, with the IMS retrofit update already performed, you can peacefully sleep at night. A Carfax report from 2002 until today reports no abnormalities aside from a single mileage discrepancy in 2004. A clean California title, any records, and books are provided with the sale. Happy bidding!

See the 911 auction here!

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