About Us

We have a simple mantra:  Redefining the Car Collection Experience
What does that mean? We found too often that beautiful, interesting, and otherwise fun cars were being poorly presented by their owners when the time came to sell.  We watched car collectors time and again undersell or under-display their beloved investments. At WOB Cars, we have taken control of those elements by removing the stress, research, and time dedication away from the sales process and adding back the presentation, story, and enthusiasm. Combined with an online community that features our own brand of unique automotive content, we aim to give new meaning to the art of car collecting.
The Need for Private Collection Management
WOB Cars formed under the umbrella of a private car collection management group. We worked for our clients by serving as an automotive concierge for any needs their collections had. From asset valuation and analysis to collection design and structured maintenance regimen, we offered an extensive range of services to best suit our clients and their cars. Core to our concierge ethos, we facilitated the photography and management of our client's selling processes; while also aiding as educated bid assistants during collection purchases. Through professional presentation, deep-dive research, and by keeping our finger on the pulse of the cars markets, we have been able to help our clients maximize their gavel prices by providing bidders with more detailed information.
WOB Cars on Bring a Trailer: The New Medium for Car Collectors
Due to these successes, we found that our structured approach wasn't sought after by just our private collection clients, but by car enthusiasts of all collecting ranges. Early on we aligned with a specialty car auction website, Bring a Trailer; since we found their platform to be a much-needed breath of fresh air in the car buying experience.  Now, we find WOB Cars to be the largest curator of cars on the site and continue to harness the capabilities of the platform to enhance both the buyer and seller experience.
WOB Cars was born out of a passion for automobiles and the thirst for as much knowledge as we can take in. One of the most enjoyable things we have found via Bring a Trailer was the online community; so much to discuss and to learn!  Here at WOB Cars, we take that idea even further by offering sneak peeks of upcoming cars, in-depth discussions about the cars we have for sale, and with original Automotive Spotlight articles written by a variety of incredibly talented staff and car-world contributors alike.  And of course our Car Talk videos, which in the spirit of shooting-the-breeze, feature interesting members of the auto industry talking about whatever is on their minds.
We are Car Fanatics and are Results Driven
Simply put, we are passionate about anything and everything cars. From their past, their present, and their future, cars, have transformed the world more than any other material possession. What we here at WOB love most about them are the enthusiast communities within and the almost life-like personalities individual vehicles possess. Regardless of if you're a racer, a collector, or a sunny Sunday cruiser, we resonate with your adoration of the automobile and look forward to hearing your story.
Drop us a line and Get Started if you have a car you are looking to sell, need help finding a car you looking to purchase, or simply to share your stories.  And of course, we encourage you to Register and join the community to chat more about cars and share with the world the things that make this great hobby a way of life.
Happy Motoring!
The WOB Cars Team

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