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Sublime Super Carrera – 1981 Porsche 911SC on Auction Now!

(For sale, if interested please contact us)

Wheeled out by Porsche in 1978, the new 911SC brought the until-then exclusively European 3.0-liter Carrera engine to the entirety of the market. After four years of issues with the magnesium 2.7-liter cases, the “new” three-liter unit ushered in a favorably resurgent sentiment toward Porsche reliability. Aside from increased durability, emissions measures had become less detrimental toward performance and outputs rose, which blended nicely with the freshly augmented suspension components of the SC. Aside from the motor and suspension, the SC introduced a darker, more sinister aesthetic to the 911 that has been widely praised. 

Often overshadowed by earlier models and the later, faster Carrera variant, the SC is a sweetheart who has earned its accolades. On sale now we have a 1981 model-year SC that has obviously been cherished. Any Porsche aspirants or collectors will undoubtedly recognize this Super Carrera as a supremely smart investment in driving pleasure and long-term appreciation. Here are some of the details. 

Simply put, is there any color in the Porsche palette more iconic than Guards Red, especially in regards to the 1980s? Probably not. That makes our SC, which has seemingly only had the hood and decklid resprayed, a prime choice for period-correct purists. Although there are some flaws throughout those specific areas, the overall paint condition is excellent. In 1979, the SC received anodized black trim that not only gave the SC a more aggressive look but finally blended the black impact bumper accessories to the rest of the car, making for a considerably cleaner-looking exterior appearance. 

Below the body, rests a chin spoiler with some scraping present on the underside. Above, standard fog lights are present and operational. Our 911 rests on 16” Fuchs wheels that have polished faces, colored Porsche crest center caps, and which are currently wearing a new set of Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tires. 

 Inside, tan leather-wrapped seats, vinyl paneling, and carpeting mingle with a dark brown dashboard fascia, door toppers, and Porsche-branded floor mats. In terms of amenities, SC came standard with air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, and a sound system. In our example, the air conditioning has very recently been updated to R134 refrigerant. Additionally, the original radio has been replaced by a new aftermarket head unit, and the power antenna does not currently function. 

The 911’s standard five-gauge instrument assemblage functions perfectly as intended due in part to a speedometer replacement by Porsche of West Covina shortly after the initial purchase (1,150 miles). This replacement is detailed within the factory-supplied warranty booklet that has remained with the car. As of now, the odometer registers over 56,000 miles. The current owner has maintained the instruments by replacing the combination switch and instrument backlighting. To the side of the three-spoke steering wheel is a vintage alarm system, but the wiring has been removed. 

As mentioned earlier, the 3.0-liter flat-six engine installed to the SC was a marked improvement with regards to power and reliability. In 1981, the factory further enhanced the SC’s output, which was uprated to 204 horsepower. From the motor, the power went to the rear wheels through a five-speed 915 transaxle. The 911 was placed into long-term storage and only recently has emerged. Upon its return, approximately $12,000 were put into renovations that include the following: valve adjustment, rear main seal, oil pressure switch, clutch fork seal, airbox, valve cover gaskets, Carrera oil-fed pressure tensioners, rocker shaft seals, injector seals, fuel distributor, fuel cups, fuel pump, engine sound pad, muffler gasket, accessory belt, ignition rotors, ignition cap, spark plugs, oil change, battery, hood and decklid shocks, and more. 

In addition to this, the owner installed new tires and had an alignment performed. During this, the front brake pads and brake master cylinder were changed. Included with the sale are a collection of factory literature, an accessory catalog, the owner’s manual, and service book. Our Carfax report shows only three owners and no accidents or damages, validating the clean California title. This is easily one of the most super of all the Super Carreras on the market. With classic looks, the right color combination, and near modern amenities, it would be wise not to pass this 911 up if you are looking to purchase a Porsche. 

To see this time capsule, click on this link for the live auction!

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