Track-Prepped Porsche Still on Auction – 2005 Porsche 911 GT3

The GT3 presents itself, more so than any other car in Porsche’s line up, as the materialized embodiment of what the company’s focus has always been – street car performance directly derived from racing cars. Lightweight elements abound; enhanced aerodynamics; and durable, high-performance parts all combine to bring the 911 closer to the racing edge. Like the RS models that predate the modern GT line-up, the price of entry is higher, but so are the impressive limits. These reasons are why it came as no surprise to us that the first generation GT3 we have on sale is piquing a lot of interest.

While GT3 are, inherently, designed to be lightweight, options can bulge the beltline quickly. Thankfully, this example was correctly optioned to keep the car trim while still adding a bit of exclusivity to the interior and exterior. In addition to factory options, the previous owners maintained the service of the Porsche while adding performance parts to make it more capable at the track. Arctic Silver Metallic paint ($825 option) was sprayed over the exterior, and even after more than ten years, it continues to be in excellent condition. Below the front bumper, an aftermarket front splitter was added to provide additional downforce over the front axle.

The 18” factory GT3 wheels are lighter in weight yet stronger than the standard Carrera offerings, and ours are currently strapped with new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Behind them, an Essex/AP Racing 2-piece full floating rotor arrangement was installed up front with stainless steel brake lines and performance pads all around. The suspension has been fitted with a considerable amount of modifications such as eccentric lockouts, toe links, thrust arm bushings, rear control arms, and solid front control arm bushings to push handling limits higher. The most significant alteration, though, was Moton 2-way adjustable shock absorbers with remote reservoirs and specially weighted springs.  

Inside, the original fully-electric grey leather sports seats have been replaced by lightweight European Clubsport GT3 fixed-back racing seats with a Porsche crest embossed headrest. However, the factory supplied chairs are included with the purchase. A half-cage is installed in the rear and attached to it are Schroth 5-point adjustable racing harnesses. Unique factory options include a carbon fiber with aluminum shift knob and hand brake plus the center console is painted to match the exterior. Aluminum colored dials and a stitched black leather dashboard work nicely to further upscale the interior accommodations.

Rated from the factory at 380-horsepower, the 3.6-liter flat six engine in our example was rebuilt three years ago, and afterward, a dyno rated it at 346-horsepower at the wheels. The ponies are sent through the six-speed transaxle and limited slip differential to the rear wheels. At the time of the rebuild, new engine and transmission mounts were equipped, coolant pipes were pinned, and the muffler was deleted. Currently, over 98,000 miles are on the engine, and a DME report shows no over-revs in range 2. New master and slave cylinders were installed in 2017, and a fuel sending unit was changed in January of 2019.

Although the auction is counting down the final days, there is enough time remaining to get this track-prepped but still street legal Porsche into your garage. A clean Carfax report dating back to 2005 shows no accidents or damages in any of the five states it has resided, and it comes with a clean Indiana title. The original owner’s manual with leatherbound portfolio is included with the sale plus 60 pages of service records and invoices.

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