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Touring in the Targa – 1969 Porsche 911T Targa On Auction

Sold – $45,500 (Plus Fees)

Originally conceived as the alternative to building a cabriolet model, the 911 Targa’s unique open-air experience can quickly become besotting to both drivers and passengers. Add to that the exhilarating aural experience of an air-cooled flat-six motor with the charming, high-quality construction of Porsche’s legacy car, and it is easy to understand why the market demand for these first generation 911s remains high. Advancing upon the early successes and failures of the 911, 1969 was a year for renovations that enhanced the driving stability, comfort, while maintaining the remarkably durable motor. Commencing today is our auction of a 1969 911T Targa that has been dutifully cared for without being a complete garage queen.

A Californian car for its entire life, this 911 Targa was delivered to a Culver City dealership and sold new in 1969. When allocated, the Porsche was initially painted in Polo Red. This color was, as was typical of many Porsches during the eighties, repainted in Guards Red by the second owner who purchased the Targa in 1979. Some rust spots can be noted along the bottom edges of each door and the passenger front fender. The chrome brightwork and rubber is in good condition but shows respective commensurate oxidization and wear. The aluminum roll bar and removable vinyl Targa panel are also both said to be in good condition, although the side seals on the roof panel allow in some wind noise. Underneath the car, small amounts of corrosion are visible, and the front floor pans and steering rack cover have been replaced quelling this issue.

Aside from the paint swap, the exterior has remained true to its initial configuration. Polished 14” steel wheels with colored Porsche crest hub caps and are currently shod in expired Pirelli tires. Outback, the black decklid grille wears two enamel badges and provided with the sale is a vintage ski rack that can be affixed between them. Below is the original six-digit blue California plate that shows beautiful patina. The mandated United States safety lighting remains unaltered, and the headlights are the sealed-beam “sugar scoop” designs with chrome bezels.

Black leather seats in the front each possess apparent signs of cracking and wear, specifically on the driver’s bolster, but neither are torn. The rear seats are covered in vinyl that shows – expectedly – little use and both fold down to form a carpeted parcel shelf. Matching the seating is black carpeting that the current owner believes to be aftermarket as the pile is inconsistent with the contemporary factory overlie. The black vinyl dashboard is in excellent condition aside from a ring near the gauge cover but has no cracking or breaks in the speaker cover perforations. Installed in the dash is an aftermarket Alpine head unit with cassette player connected to door mounted speakers. Behind the original four-spoke steering wheel are the five gauges traditional to the 911. During an engine exchange in 1977, the odometer was reset and now shows 67,000 miles.

It is unknown as to why the original owner required a new engine, but the replacement 2.0-liter flat-six motor (#6195932) is akin to the same vintage and type of 911. When new, the air-cooled powerplant produced around 110 horsepower and 116 lb-ft of torque, which was sent out to the rear wheels. Although the 911T (Touring) was the entry-level 911, many praised its easy daily driving capability and more available torque band. Plus, in a vehicle weighing less than 2500 pounds, the engine’s power feels lively and engaging through its four-speed manual transmission. An electric fuel pump and an aftermarket ignition box have been added under previous ownership.

When acquired by the third owner in the mid-2000s, they drove the 911 for several years before placing it into storage in 2005. Driven monthly, the Targa has spent most of its recent life sheltered. However, in preparation for this sale an oil change was performed, and at the same time, the carburetor jets were unclogged. Before being placed into storage, a tune-up was completed, and a fuel stabilizer was added. Moreover, the 911 performs well; however, there is some suspension noise over bumps due to deteriorated bushings.

Inside the front trunk is the original Perlon carpeting that conceals the factory spare wheel. Accompanying the sale are the Porsche-supplied driver’s manuals and some informational literature. Service records dating back to the initial owner will also be provided. A clean California title is guaranteed.

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