The Track Is Cold – The 2004 Radical Prosport Auction Closes Without A Buyer

   The blue racing beauty failed to find a new home as bidders were unable to meet the reserve on our 2004 Radical Prosport last week. The track-ready monster with the Suzuki inline-four heart of a Hayabusa that was recently rebuilt and enlarged to 1400cc was certainly a special attraction. Plus, a lithe <600kg curb weight made it a competent competition killer out on the track in any hands. Given its complete aerodynamic package including an adjustable bi-plane rear wing, a floating brake rotor system, adjustable coilover suspension with wishbone control arms, air jacking system, and 13” centerlock wheels (with three extra sets and rubber) it was most surprising to see the sale go unfinished. Current ownership is still looking for eager buyers, and the extra goodies (wheels, tires, seat, steering wheel, and data and camera manuals) are all still included at no additional cost. So, if you are looking to click off gears through a sequential six-speed and pass traffic with the precision of the professionals then keep posted or reach out to us about buying options for this magnum opus to open-cockpit racing.  

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