The Mighty 300SLs Younger Brother Coming to Auction – 1958 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

In 1954, Mercedes-Benz graced the public with the 300SL, a titan of the most respectable stature even in its first days. A year later, after evaluating the success of the 300SL, Mercedes sought to bring a similar model to the market that was more ascertainable and usable to the general market. Introduced as the 190SL, the small sibling of the 300SL was a bit heavier, less luxurious, less powerful, and less bespoke, but far more affordable. Today, the 190SL still trades at high market values for its beautiful aesthetic and peppy driving personality. Our example today, a 1958 model year, has been refinished in initially offered Fire Engine Red (some defects and flaws are noticeable in the exterior paint and trim) with a reupholstered tan leather interior. The current owner has retained the 190SL since 2010, so most of the service records – including a recent carburetor adjustment and fluid service – are available for inspection. Sitting at 91,000 miles the owner is unsure of the actual mileage as the dial is a five digit counter. A clean California title and the original factory informational sheet are guaranteed to the buyer. While the 300SL may have been a living legend, the 190SL is the looks, more manageable performance, and all of the same fun at a quarter of the price. You do not want to wait for this one to play out without you.

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