The Final Price on the Prized Ferrari 330GT 2+2

The right color combination, care, and pedigree all make the difference in a sale. These criteria were most evident with our 330GT 2+2 auction that closed out at a notably higher final sale price than some other more exceptional examples recently sold! With Ferrariā€™s eye-catching Rossa Corsa red paint, supple black leather seats, a precise five-speed gearbox, and that svelt 4.0-liter Columbo V12, it only makes sense that this was a prize worth grabbing – regardless of condition. Although this Ferrari may have been a cosmetically well-loved example, that means it can be savored where cars were supposed to be enjoyed – out on the open road. Now that the sale is over, we are greatly looking forward to seeing it out drawing big crowds at shows or slicing through switchbacks as that 1960’s Colombo V12 screams to redline, much like its race car stablemates did.