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The Closed Canopy Scooter – 1956 Messerschmitt KR175 Project Is Now Live On the Auction Block!

 As all of the major German manufacturers (VW, Mercedes, BMW) of automobiles struggled to regain production momentum by supplying the population with enough vehicles to sate national needs after the second world war, new manufacturers began to dabble in the marketplace. Messerschmitt, a company renown for their aircraft engineering during the second world war, was one such company. In 1953, as the microcar market in Germany was soaring due to inexpensive purchase cost, fuel, and maintenance, Messerschmitt began constructing their KR175, also known as the Kabineneroller (“scooter with cabin” or “bubble car”).

   Our example, a 1956 version, is an extremely late model variant (as production reportedly ceased around 1955), making it far rarer than the earlier models. Although any KR175 is extraordinary as less than 20,000 were produced (some sources speculating far less). This KR175 is a project in the works but is closing in on completion. During his ownership since purchasing the vehicle on Bring A Trailer in the closing months of 2013, he had the car repainted, bodywork done, and three new whitewall tires were installed. Initially painted in white the repaint was done in vibrant silver metallic. Inward, the metallic silver paint from the exterior graces the handlebar controls and instrument panel and contrasts nicely with the black finish that fills the rest of the cabin.

  Typically a tandem two-seater, the KR175 we are listing today comes supplied with only a single seat. Additionally, only one gauge is available – the speedometer/odometer. Reading 3,900 miles, the odometer does not correctly reflect the exact mileage of the vehicle as most components are new and the engine – although not installed – is rebuilt and unused. Prior ownership had the Sachs constructed 173cc single cylinder two-stroke reconstructed, and an electric starter is included as it was standard on all KR175 after 1954. The engine, as previously stated is not installed behind the driver’s cockpit, but when introduced provides power to the rear wheel through the medium of a four-speed (no reverse) unsynchronized transmission to the rear drive unit, which is provided with the purchase.

 Also enclosed with the purchase of the project is a “to-do” list that nearly comprehensively details the parts needed and next steps necessary to get the KR175 to a road-worthy condition. Two tops, the standard plexiglass paned hardtop canopy that is removable and a collapsing convertible cover, give you options for how to proceed with your drive after the Messerschmitt is ready to take to the roads. Offered on a California bill of sale, the project comes with a collection of spare parts at no additional charges. If you are looking to truly stand out and become the owner and operator of an inordinately exclusive automobile after a fun project, then the Messerschmitt KR175 cannot be beaten!

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