Take Your Time-Attacks to Radical Extremes – 2004 Radical Prosport On Sale Now!

Bid to – $17,000

If your idyllic weekend includes precision corner placement, swift shifts, mind-bending braking, and near-indomitable passing speed then get your bids ready, because our 2004 Radical Prosport auction has just gone live. Yes, this is a track-only driver and due in no lesser part to that is the fact that since it was designed only for that purpose, it succeeds uncompromisingly well at it. As it should, in any case. The Radical Prosport is an austere race car that only includes technology professional race cars use to clip seconds off their sessions. So, let us dive into the first turn.

The British-built Radical originally came from the factory in 2004 with a wet-sump oiled and carburated 1300cc inline-four Suzuki motor, which shares most of the same architecture as the Hayabusa superbike’s powerplant. However, the previous owner, during an engine rebuild in the three years he retained the Prosport, had 100cc added to the block now making it into a 1400cc screamer. The most recent owner shows us only 110.3 hours resting on the clock. He informs us that the additional time since the rebuild was accrued in a single track day drive during his time with the keys.  

A clutchless, air-actuated six-speed sequential manual transmission ships power from the motor out to a limited-slip differential and on to the rear wheels through the two steering wheel-mounted paddles. Helping you grab those gears at the right time is an LED illuminated shift gauge and engine informational screen adorned with the Radical logo just behind the detachable flat-bottomed steering wheel. The pilot’s position is a Nomex-padded fixed-back racing seat nestled below the newly foam-padded rollbar. A floor-fastened fire extinguisher is nearby in case of any incidents. New harnesses were also installed, although the SFI validation has expired on them. Aside from the standard instrumentation, a Racepak G2X data logging device is connected for the recording of track session information, and a ChaseCam is secured on to the roll bar for video gathering.

Keeping you in control in the corners, the Prosport possess nitrogen-filled adjustable coilovers held inside of wishbone control arms in the front and rear. Individual floating rotors help curb additional weight, reduce heat build-up, and can be found at all four corners. Traditional aerodynamics adorn every aspect of the Radical racers. Upfront, a large front splitter that has some road rash sits below two steep dive planes. This downforce is balanced out back by an aluminum wing with several adjustment points in the rear. Additionally, air ducts behind the front wheels aim to reduce wheel well pressure build up. Beneath the beast is a smooth belly created by several plastic panels that flow out to a ducted rear diffuser creating clean air.

The lightweight fiberglass body (less than 600kg) was repainted a rich blue by the previous owner. The most recent owner removed the front headlights – replacing them with blacked out plastic covers. 13” center lock wheels complete the package, and three extra sets of these wheels with mounted rubber and three sets of unmounted tires are included with the purchase. Accompanying the wheel and tires are a spare battery, an unused set of racing brake pads, and a narrow body bucket seat – everything you will need for getting yourself into racing form. The auction is live now so get those bids going and get ready for your own days of the thunder.

See this Radical sale here!

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