Sports Saloon From the 1960s – 1966 Lotus Cortina Mk1 To Auction Soon

During the 1960s, Ford was out for blood on the racing circuits. Their Total Performance campaign sought to secure racing victories in almost any motorsport venue available. As these things happen, word came around to Lotus, and a partnership flourished. The idea was that Ford would supply the Cortina body and engine then Lotus would do the mechanical modifications for homologation production requirements to be met for Ford’s newest rally and production car. What blossomed from that relationship was a successful racing car and one of the very first genuinely high-performance saloons (sedans).

Purchased in Maryland way back in 1967, this 1966 Lotus Cortina has seen restorations and racing successes by previous owners throughout the years. Once repainted in the traditional Ermine White and Sherwood Green, the color and finish are still in good condition despite regular use of the Cortina. Inside, black vinyl tuck-and-roll bucket seats match the carpeting and paneling plastic.  Meanwhile brushed steel, wood, and chrome trim finish the accents on the dashboard instrument paneling and controls. Propelling the beast is a Lotus Twin-Cam four-cylinder, but the bottom utilizes an Mk.II Cortina block which increases the displacement to 1668cc. A mixture of many other high-end modifications has been performed on the engine and driveline to improve power and reduce weight for racing. At 66,000 miles the motor still pulls strong, and pressure tests report no issues. This is all great news because this sixties sleeper goes on sale next week with a clean California title and any documentation.

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