Sold Out! – 2008 Radical SR3 Auction Closes with a Winner

Our Radical SR3 with Mazda Le Mans-winning inspired livery has just posted a final sale notice closing out its auction for $27,500 (plus fees). It is no surprise to us how quickly this sale happened since Radical themselves report the SR3 as being their most popular model sold new. To any clientele looking for a prototype driving experience, you cannot get much closer for the price. The 1500cc Suzuki engine churns out around two hundred and fifty horsepower, and the ultra-lightweight carbon-steel chassis gives the SR3 an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and balance.

A previous Radical Series event participant our example accrued over 220 hours on the track and recently went under the knife for a motor rebuild at 190 hours. Thankfully during all of that time on the track, there have been no reported incidents besides some minor stone chips to the paintwork. Privately maintained by the last owner, the lucky new owner has a fresh oil filter and motor oil, a rear axle, front brakes, and two sets of center lock wheels encased in racing rubber. Plus, one of those wheelsets is from the second-generation SR3 much like the front bumper which was changed out for better aerodynamics and aesthetics. With that sale complete we are eager to see it out on the starting grid preparing to slice its way through a series of competitors.

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