Sold! A Record Beating Alpina B6

We closed out the auction of the Alpina B6 at a world-record beating $80,000 last week, and it still has our minds blown! The more-than-able Alpina was undoubtedly a distinctive car. This premium closing price proves that the driving experience of old BMWs should command a paramount price tag. The nimble Alpina had recently rebuilt 2.8-liter straight six, which pulled strong and when married to that sublime chassis gave a driving experience unmatched by almost any other 70’s Bimmer. Aside from that, this car was positively special inside and out; right down to the sun visor hand signed by racer Hans Stuck. The Iberian Red exterior paint and Alpina sport bucket seats garnered a vast amount of positive attention from potential buyers. Those touches plus the Euro bumpers and vinyl decal work made this a real gem of the late-70’s to behold. If you can keep up on the road be sure to peer in through the windows next time you see this lovely little Bimmer parked outside.

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