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Soft-Top Targa Now For Sale – 1967 Porsche 912 Targa

When Porsche launched the new 911 in 1964 they were aware of consumers desire for an open-top version, after all, there was a roofless 356 variant. However, changing regulations in the United States worried executives at Porsche about the future of convertible legality. In fear of a potential out-right ban on a convertible 911, they elected to create an almost-convertible with a protective rollbar and a soft-top rear window, and in doing so, the Targa was born. This design gave consumers what they wanted, skirted the regulations, and minimized additional engineering costs that Porsche did not have liquidity for. The soft-top rear window lasted for only three years before being supplanted by a fixed-glass clamshell making it a Porsche market scarcity. Introduced alongside the new 911 was the less expensive 912 and since it inherited almost everything from the 911, it too could be optioned with the Targa treatment.

As of today, we have a live auction on a cherry example of just such a Porsche. Hailing from 1967 this 912 Targa is estimated to be one of less than 550 units manufactured that year. The optional Golden Green paint (62165) is the original color, but the paint was recently redone to refresh the vibrancy. Although a different painter recovered the hood and decklid the painter of the body was able to match the same Glasurit paint perfectly. Some flaws are evident, nevertheless, the finish is in an impeccable state considering the 912s use as a driver.

The front and rear bumpers are still the original U.S. market units. Additionally, the front bumperettes have been drilled for an AMCO bar, but it was not put on (although it is available for sale). Completing the cosmetic changes are a set of 14” Fuchs wheels that were swapped in to replace the original chrome wheels. The seller notes that there is a minor chip in the windshield caused by a rock strike.

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) provided by Porsche confirms that the engine and transmission numbers match the original units from Stuttgart. The 1.6-liter air-cooled flat four motor is peppy and runs smoothly. Both original carburetors are in need of rebuilding, so the current owner elected to have them replaced by two split-shaft Solex units. The original carburetors will, of course, be provided in the sale. Connected to the motor is a five-speed transmission, which is known to shift and operate well.

Inside, the original black vinyl front seats have been reupholstered in a period-matching vinyl. Black carpeting covers the floors, and it is thought that the rear sections of carpeting are replacements to the original sections. The addition of a dashboard loudspeaker was an optional extra when new, but that unit has been replaced, along with the radio, with aftermarket units. The seller also states that there is a broken section of the loudspeaker’s dashboard perforation. The authentic wood-rimmed steering wheel from 1967 is still present. An aftermarket wooden shift knob with a colored Porsche crest in the center pleasantly matches the wheel. All five gauges are known to work; however, one factory gauge was replaced with an identical indicator that supplants the fuel level with amperage and oil temperature. The odometer functions properly and currently indicates 67,000 miles, but the exact mileage is unknown. Inside the front trunk is a tool kit, the likely original spare wheel with tire, plus a battery cut-off switch was installed.

With a custom-ordered color, some unique options, and the inherent exclusivity of the soft-top Targa, this 912 does not need to work hard to distinguish itself. The COA from Porsche, any servicing records, and any accessories (besides the AMCO bar) are included with the purchase. A clean California title assures you that this 912 is indeed a diamond.

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