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Road Rally Ready! – 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe Auction is Live

Sold – $47,000 (Plus Fees)

Last week we told you about an upcoming Porsche auction to prepare yourself for and the time is finally here! Aside from being a particularly exceptional example of a well-kept Porsche, the 3.2 Carrera is a genuinely incredible magnum opus to the original 911. First entering production in 1984, the 3.2 Carrera received an engine displacement bump to, you guessed it, 3.2-liters from its flat-six that not only enhanced power and torque but delivered a fabulous sound. The motor’s reliability was also vastly improved over the 3.0-liter SC engine since Porsche installed oil-feeding lines to the timing chain tensioners, thus eliminating previous oil starvation issues. Enhancements to the brakes size, interior improvements like larger dashboard vents, and in 1987 the inclusion of the renown G50 transmission all put the Carrera out on top. With the posting of this listing, the auction on our Carrera has gone live for this choice example of one of the final years of the original 911.

Painted first by Porsche in Diamond Blue, the exclusive paint remains in its original condition over nearly all body panels as a paint checker has verified across forty points. However, due to use, there are several apparent rock chip areas on the front bumper and along the flared rear wheel arches. The seller notes that a rust spot was filled and fixed on the cowl and that panel was repainted. To provide additional airflow to the front mounted oil cooler an air scoop replaces one of the yellow reflector lenses on the front bumper.

On the hood, a monochromatic Porsche emblem replaced the original crest, which nicely matches the muted exterior trim work. Further complimenting the dark trim work are a set of 16” Fifteen52 Outlaw 001 wheels in semi-gloss black paint. A new set of Toyo R888R tires was recently installed on those Outlaw wheels in the staggered sizes of 225/45 up front and 245/45 in the rear. The current owner also had a new windshield and gasket installed. The Carrera has also been lowered to European ride height by introducing RSR struts in the front and larger torsion bars in the front and rear with fresh bushings. After this, the 911 was weighed, corner balanced, and aligned.

Initially sold in Texas, this Carrera migrated west to California in 1996 and has been here since. Picked up by the current owner in 2010 a year later he enlisted help to rebuild the 3.2-liter engine to European specifications, which produced more power and torque. Enhancements included a Mahle 10.3:1 piston set, ARP rod bolts, and a sportier camshaft. During this engine-out work, the alternator was replaced along with the fuel pump, clutch disc, slave cylinder, starter motor, half shafts, and the flywheel was resurfaced. After the engine modifications were complete a customized Steve Wong performance chip was installed along with SSI heat exchangers that pump into an M&K muffler. Completing the engine upgrades is an MSDS air filter that was cut, machined, and polished at AASE motors.

In preparation for the sale, the owner had a leak-down and compression test performed. All cylinders perform between 170 to 180 psi with no leakage above 2%. Included with the sale are all of the removed mechanical components that can be reused. Some oil wet spots are noticeable on the timing chain covers and along the valve covers.

Standard equipment on 911s at the time was not excessive but included choice amenities such as power windows, central locking, and air conditioning. The passenger cabin of this Carrera is optioned with leather Marine Blue (Option SX) that extends leather onto the door paneling. The leather covering the front and rear seats is in good condition with the front seats showing some areas of cracking and wear, especially notable on the driver’s bolster. Matching the leather is Marine Blue carpeting and vinyl pieces on the dashboard, door panels, gear lever, and center HVAC console. Down in the footwells, in the front and rear, are an authentic set of Porsche floor mats complete with the “Carrera” moniker to protect the carpeting.

Optioned from the factory with a Blaupunkt Reno SQR 46 cassette-radio the current owner removed this unit to substitute it with a newer Becker Monza CD player. A trunk-mounted amplifier hidden beneath the original grey Perlon carpeting further enhances the auditory experience. Also below the trunk carpeting is the original spare wheel and tire. Some other factory options include cruise control, an electric sunroof (recently resealed), and an alarm system. The original four-spoke steering wheel has been exchanged for a three-spoke 911 Turbo club sport steering wheel that has a centralized color Porsche crest. The standard shift knob has also been replaced with a leather-stitched Momo sport knob. Behind the wheel sit the six factory VDO gauges that still operate as intended. Currently, the odometer reads around 164,300-miles.

As aforementioned the 3.2-liter Carreras is a desirable model for Porsche enthusiasts. Slotting nicely between the more modern 964 and the original 911, the Carrera’s have just enough power and refinement to be tolerable on a daily basis while still providing the raw, analog experience drivers crave from the first 911s. This example has not only been dutifully maintained but also smartly enhanced in all the right aspects to make it unique. As aforementioned, all of those reusable parts removed for upgrades will be provided with the sale along with a significant amount of service records. A clean Carfax report that dates back to its original time in Texas and California is guaranteed to show no accidents or issues as is a clean California title.

Check it out here!

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