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Record Results for a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider Conversion

When a stunning 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider conversion rolled into the WOB Cars showroom, the team knew the beautiful condition collector car posed a special opportunity.

This vehicle was modified into a convertible back in the 1980s. Only 121 factory Daytona Spiders were produced, making high-quality conversions like this exceptionally rare and valuable. WOB Cars set out to showcase this car’s unique attributes to the fullest.  

The WOB Cars Process

Before bringing the car to market, WOB Cars undertook their comprehensive, multi-phase pre-listing process:

Assessment of Current Market Value: Earlier this year, a 1972 conversion sold in auction for $660k. In August of 2023, a 1971 conversion sold for $610k in Monterey. Before that, in 2020, a 1971 conversion sold for $550k.

Vehicle Inspection & Assessment: Experts thoroughly inspected every aspect of the car, documenting its exceptional condition and history.

Detailing: The Ferrari received a detail to present its stunning red over tan color combination in the best possible light.

Professional Photography: WOB Cars captured an extensive photo gallery to highlight the car’s unique Spider conversion and immaculate condition down to the last detail.

Compelling Listing Description: Leveraging their in-depth research, the team crafted a comprehensive listing description that showcased the Daytona’s rarity, unique features, and history.

Community Engagement: Throughout the 10-day auction, the WOB Cars team actively responded to questions and comments, building excitement around the Daytona.

The Record Breaking Result: $700k

The comprehensive pre-auction preparations and strategic promotional activities paid off with the vehicle drawing in 26k views and 1.8k watchers. When the virtual gavel fell, this 1971 Ferrari Daytona Spider conversion achieved an exceptional $700,000 sale price – setting a new precedent for the specific model.

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