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Pop the Targa Top! – 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa Auction is Live

Sold – $40,500 (Plus Fees)

In 1989, Porsche launched their newest workover on the 911 known as the 964, which contained a claim of 80% all new parts. This developmental break discontinued the evolutionary progress they had implemented on the original 911 platform since its launch in 1964. The conclusion to this first generation of 911s, known as the G-series by its 1984-89 model years, featured a host of improvements. Particularly noteworthy were the revisions to the engine and some minor renovations to the interior and exterior that make it a prized choice for anyone looking to purchase into 911 ownership. On sale today we have an unmolested example from the final years of the first generation and here are the details.

The most significant improvement to the G-series 911 was the engine and, in 1987, the addition of the Getrag G50 five-speed transmission. The new 3.2-liter Carrera motor was, to date, the most reliable and durable flat-six since the original 2.0-liter block. Capable of producing 217 horsepower in the U.S. trim, the motor was claimed to be 80% new. Its headlines were oil-pressure fed timing chain tensioners and a new Bosch L-Jetronic fuel and ignition computer system that respectively provided better lubrication and a superior power curve.

In total, some 91,000 miles have been accrued on this engine, and one hundred miles ago the oil and oil filter were changed out. Back in July, the valve cover gaskets were replaced along with the fuel pump.  However, the seller of this Carrera notes that there is still some moisture accumulation on the block. Additionally, the engine sound pad has begun to deteriorate. Nevertheless, the client reports that the motor pulls strong to its 6,400 rpm redline and the sturdy G50 transmission shifts well.

Outside, the color is known as Marine Blue (L35V), and a paint meter consistently reports between 5 to 10 mils depth, so a repaint has likely never been performed. Though, some touch-up areas are visible near the driver-side taillight and between the engine decklid and rear window.  The Targa bar and rear Carrera spoiler are also painted in body-color matching Marine Blue. The Targa top fits well and the vinyl covering has no tears. Concealing the more substantial and improved G-series brakes are the offset 16” Fuchs wheels original to this Carrera. All of the Fuchs have black painted centers with matching Porsche crest center caps. The seller will be installing a new set of tires to all four wheels just before the final delivery is made to the auction winner.

Inside the cabin of the Carrera is a set of Linen leather seats with coordinating carpet interior selection. The seat bottoms are electrically adjustable in four directions, while the backrest and the entire seat are manually adjustable. Some light wear is present on the door-side bolstering, specifically on the driver’s seat. The carpeting shows some soiling but is in relatively exceptional condition given the fair color of the material. The Linen leather and carpeting also covers the rear seats which fold down into a parcel shelf and is in excellent condition due to light usage.

Extending to the door panels is the Linen colored leather and the carpeting with the door tops dressed in dark blue vinyl. This blue vinyl extends below the black-topped dashboard and continues around the inside of the Carrera back to the rear speaker deck. The four-spoke blue leather steering wheel is original to this Targa, and the embossed Porsche lettering is still prominent. The standard 911 gauges all work as expected, and the current owner claims the air conditioning operates cold. The factory supplied Blaupunkt stereo with door panel and rear deck mounted speakers have remained untouched by updates. An aftermarket wooden shift knob has substituted the factory plastic knob. Inside the front trunk is the factory grey Perlon carpeting that conceals the toolkit and spare tire.

When the Carrera launched in 1984, it was handily capable of sub-six second zero-to-sixty times and a 150 mph top speed. Initially sold in Florida, this 911 has moved across the country and only some of the service records through the years are still present. The Carfax report shows no damages or accidents, though it does report a theft (and subsequent return three months later) in 1996. A new battery and, as aforementioned, new tires and an oil change have all been conducted in preparation for this sale. The current license plates will need to be replaced for those purchasing the Carrera in California, but this Porsche does come with a clean title. Visibly well-kept and mechanically sound thanks to twenty years of Porsche scrutiny, this G-series Carrera simply is one of the best 911s available for purchase.

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