Look Awesome in Ossi Blue – 1968 Porsche 912 for Sale Now!

The exciting wait is over, and our 1968 Porsche 912 is now available for bidding. In many ways, the 912 is the perfect way to enter into the Porsche universe. Now that the price of air-cooled 911s has ballooned beyond belief the 912 is at a less expensive purchase price than their 911 siblings. Plus, they are typically less costly to maintain and provide nearly the same exhilarating driving experience. Porsche designed and sold the four-cylinder 912 alongside the 911 from 1965 until 1969. At the time, Porsche had just invested heavily into the 911 platform, so the 912 inherited many of the same components in order to cut engineering costs. Fast forward several decades and increase the value of the 911 several times over and the 912 becomes a clear winner for those looking to get a taste of Porsche’s 1960s offerings. In fact, given the smaller motor, the 912, while not as sprightly in a straight line, is far more mild in turns and much more nimble than the 911.

These fundamental 912 factors are greatly enhanced by the superb condition of the 912 we have on auction today. Sold in California in 1968, this 912 was a denizen for nearly three decades until a sale in the middle of the 1990s. At that point, one of the owners took the car to Alaska where it toured as a summer driver. As of now, the 912 is back in California and has been here for nearly two years with a clean title. With so few owners and particularly owners that greatly cared for the Porsche, it has not been tampered with besides maintenance and an aftermarket stereo with new speakers. In fact, the 912 was initially painted in Stuttgart in Ossi Blue and has only been repainted once in order to freshen up the paint after so many years. In addition to that, the 912 still retains its standard “sugar-scoop” headlights and U.S. market side-reflectors. The bumpers, front and rear, remain unchanged. Since the repaint, some light scratching has appeared on the roof, and touch-up spots are notable on the trunk lid.

Performance wise, the 912 is an engine number (#1281146) matching  Porsche and still possess the original air filter housings, which is relatively rare. The engine was rebuilt in the 1990s, and documentation shows the replacement of pistons and the cylinder bores. A decade later, the second owner had difficulty with the original five-speed transmission and opted for a replacement four-speed transmission to be installed. Genuine is the 15” silver-painted steel-stamped wheels with polished hubcaps embellished with colored Porsche crests. Fitted to those wheels are Nanking tires that have decent tread life left. In a recent servicing, the brake system (rotors, pads, and calipers) were all replaced, and an adjustment made to the shift linkage.

Inside the cabin are the original front seats that have been reupholstered with black leatherette; the back seats preserve the factory coverings. The black carpeting, door sills, and mats are correct to their factory condition. The original dashboard is still installed but has developed cracking throughout the perforations in the center speaker section. An aftermarket stereo was put in and is evident by the replaced head unit and two new speakers in the door panels. This 912 was optioned with five-gauges, and all are reported to function including the odometer that displays 16,000-miles (although the actual mileage is unknown). In the front trunk, the original grey Perlon felt carpeting is present as is the spare wheel.

Documentation is abundant and records included with the sale date back into the 1980s. These records include all maintenance, parts, and invoices including a four thousand dollar replacement of the floorboards in the 1990s. As aforementioned, a clean California title is assured making this Ossi Blue 912 a dream for any automotive enthusiasts desiring a chance to feel the precision a true, untampered Porsche.

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