Jaguar XJ6 LS1 Resto-Mod – Update to the Stunning Cat with a Big Number

The Jaguar XJ6 surprised more than a few people when it sold for $108,000 including fees last year on Bring a Trailer.  While the number was big, it also represented a true value to a car with countless hours spent to make it as sleeper, smooth and shaken down as it is.  Thankfully under the ownership and build of Marc Lasky of Lasky Coachworks the car was handled by one of the best.  Marc is known for having a huge, jovial and thundering voice, that when not laughing, is focused on talking cars.  And building cars.  Most for others, but some for himself.  And the ones that he builds for himself fill his waiting room with trophies.

This was a build that was done extremely well and was built as a show car for Marc’s business.  Our new owner shipped the car overseas where today he still enjoys and raves about it.  So much so, he has become a repeat customer of WOB Cars.

These are our favorite kind of deals for everyone involved.  A thrilled buyer, a thrilled seller and a beautiful car that gets to begin a global history.

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