I’m Boss-y – 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Sold – $71,000 (plus fees)

Just as Ford’s Boss 429 was built and designed for NASCAR dominance, the Boss 302 was put into production with aimed success in the Trans-Am series. A focus on handling and more stable engine performance, instead of merely high-speed capability, was what primarily set the Boss 302 apart from its faster big brother. Introduced into the Trans-Am series in 1969, the 302 cars were met with significant difficulty, however, in the 1970 season Ford took home the top trophy.

Two weeks ago we auctioned a Boss 429, and while that sale closed without a winner, we now have a Boss 302 on sale from the same owner’s collection. This auction, though, will be held without a reserve, so no matter what someone will be going home with a shiny, new Boss Mustang! Here are the details on this beautiful Ford.

Foremost, the body is finished in the brilliant color Grabber Blue (J). Unlike the Boss 429 and 1969 Boss 302 models, 1970 302s are complete with long reflective black “hockey stick” side graphics that originate on the hood of the car next to a broad matte black center stripe. Complimenting the hood stripe is the rear decklid with adjustable spoiler and rear center section finished in matte black. Another alteration for the 1970 year was the addition of four grille side vents and the removal of two headlights.

Given that these 302 models were essential for homologating the race cars, Ford revised the suspension for 1970 so that the Trans-Am competitors could benefit from the change. This updating resulted in the lower ride height, and Ford also standardized front disc brakes at this point. Our Boss is currently riding on 15” Magnum 500 black and chrome wheels that support new BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires, which is inconsistent with these pictures.

Inside the cabin, our 302 was lightly optioned from the factory, more reflective of how competition Trans-Am cars would have been. Black vinyl upholsters the doors panels and seats, with black carpeting and plastics completing the ensemble. Dressing up the interior are Ford-branded door sill plates that greet passengers upon entry, an AM radio was optioned from the factory, power steering, and a Hurst metal shifter. Meanwhile, behind the two-spoke black steering wheel are four instrument gauges including a 120-mph speedometer with an integrated odometer. Currently, the odometer displays 19,000 miles, although the actual mileage is not known.

Under the hood sits a 302ci V8 engine, that when new was reportedly good for 290 horsepower and 290 lb-ft of torque at 5,800 rpm and 4,300 rpm respectively. For 1970, the motor was refreshed with Cleveland heads, slightly smaller intake valves, and cast aluminum valve covers. This engine augmentation made the Boss 302 capable of hitting sixty mph in around seven seconds with a quarter-mile completion time of mid-fourteen seconds. Power, as expected, is sent out to the rear wheels and passes through a four-speed manual transmission and 3.91:1 Traction-Lok limited-slip differential.

Our example is a number matching car and has been the benefactor of exceptional care and conditioning under its present ownership. During this time, the carburetor was rebuilt, the cooling system was refreshed, a new fuel pump was installed, and the control valve and power cylinder were rebuilt. Underneath the body is red oxide paint with the correct factory-style check markings on the springs and suspension components. Aside from the engine maintenance, the current owner has rebuilt the rear end and replaced the tailshaft seal and yoke.

Initially sold by Crown Motors in Albion, New York, the entire vehicle report and options list is provided on the Deluxe Marti Report that accompanies this sale. A clean Arizona title is guaranteed, and all of the service records from the current ownership and previous ownership will also be given over after purchase. If you missed the chance to get into the big Boss 429, then this is your opportunity to get the lighter, more nimble 302.

To see the Boss 302 auction live, check out this link here!

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