Back On the Block – The 1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Returns to Auction

That is right, the white Jaguar XJS convertible with a blue top and leather interior is back on the auction block after being enjoyed by its current owner for less than two hundred miles. The 5.3-liter V12, when new, touted a horsepower rating of 263 with torque output lingering around 278 lbs-feet, which even by modern standards is sprightly. After collecting the car from their winning auction in 2017, the current owner performed a touch of maintenance by replacing the battery and crankshaft reference sensors. Before their ownership, though, this Jaguar enjoyed copious amounts of catering too and as such, represents a very well reliably performing grand tourer. Since the current owner shares his time between the United States and a foreign country the Jaguar, unfortunately, has to get out of his garage. However, his loss is your boon, because next week we are relisting the XJS as an open auction. Since the Carfax currently shows it with a clean bill of health from when it arrived here in California in 1999, this is the optimal opportunity to get yourself into an exemplary maintained drop-top with a hallowed V12 up front.

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