An At Home Le Mans Racer for Two – 2004 Radical SR3 Coming to Auction

   Few things are more exciting than the thrill of the open road, but one of them is the thrill of a free track in front of you. British manufacturer, Radical has time and time again proven their mettle on the professional series circuits and within amateur racing with their open-cockpit cars and sports car prototypes. Now is your chance to own one! Coming to our auction block next week is Radical’s most beloved (1,100 sold from 2001-2018) and successfully produced model, the SR3. Fitted with the optional 1500cc Suzuki inline-four motor this SR3 is outputting near 260 horsepower, which is absurd for what is in essence,  a grown-up go-kart. Glossy white paint with black accents on the wheels and the high downforce package equipment items makes this SR3 look like a sinister specter. Previously owned by two well trained and notable drivers, this sports car will be looking for another owner who will continue to keep it in prime condition and on the track. The bidding begins next week, so keep your eyes open on the auctions!

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