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A GT Silver GT4 Now For Sale – 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Auction Now Live

Building off of the success of the 911 GT program, Porsche finally relented in 2016 to wide consumer demand for a stiff-necked version of the beloved Cayman by introducing the GT4. Since 2006, when it first launched, enthusiasts lavishly exulted the Cayman for its sublime handling and precision. However, the performance disparity between even entry-level 911s and the Cayman S was vast and left enthusiasts wanting for more. Porsche delivered on all of those hopes and dreams in grandiose ways with the GT4.

The development utilized bin parts from the Carrera S, the GT3, and from the Cayman S to create an amalgam of excellence. The 3.8-liter flat-six motor from the Carrera S was specially modified to fit inside of the GT4s body and produced a base 911-beating 385-horsepower. The front suspension and aerodynamic influences – pure GT3. The GT4 even opened up the floodgates for buyers to select options that were previously unavailable to the Cayman range. In totality, it rebuked upon the cries from the crowd that chided Porsche for diluting the auspicious potential of the Cayman for so long. As of today, you can bid your way to one in your garage.

Our current example was purchased new from Porsche by the seller in 2016. In the two years of his ownership, it has accrued near 11,000 miles on the odometer, which makes it astonishingly fresh. During the last 1,500 miles, the owner has installed several modifications to the 3.8-liter flat-six to increase power. A Dundon Motorsport Pro-tune that is revised for 92 octane fuel was designed for use with the currently installed Dundon Motorsport headers and BMC performance air filters. Placed on a dyno after the tuning, the data sheets illustrated a GT4 that was producing 368 horsepower at the wheels, which is likely an improvement over stock figures. For track use (the owner has participated only in two 15-minute runs) a DSC Sport V2 controller and a Cobb Accessport provide drivers the ability to adjust settings in the pits.

In order to retain the scalpel-like handling of the GT4, the owner balanced out his engine modifications with some suspension enhancements. TPC rear end links provide for a stiffer, more responsive control arm that diminishes load deflection. At the time of this installation, the owner also had custom camber settings and corner balancing dialed in to ensure harmony. Strapped to the 20” repainted silver wheels are a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that have been used for roughly 2,000 miles. Beneath the wheels are Porsches renowned carbon ceramic braking system (PCCB) denoted by the large, bright yellow calipers, which was a factory option that ticked a $7400 box. A 6-speed manual transmission that sends power to a limited slip differential is welcome standard equipment.

Another welcome addition to the options list is the GT Silver Metallic paint. Originally mixed for the exclusive Carrera GT hypercar this paint selection still runs buyers a hefty $2,580 to have sprayed on. Black wing supports, and an aluminum fuel cap administers unique touches to the sterling exterior. Inside the cabin are a set of the highly desirable carbon fiber bucket seats that are featured in the 918 hypercar. This set is partially leather with Alcantara inserts and platinum stitching that matches the door pulls and exterior paint. Yellow seatbelts supplant the standard black straps and offer an eye-catching contrast to the interior. The Sport Chrono package and Track application option were selected for this GT4 as well as a passenger floor mounted quick-release fire extinguisher. A Passport radar detector (discreetly hidden in the front air dam) has its display integrated into the rearview mirror, and a weighted silver shift knob are two additional aftermarket options that contribute gratifying company.

A clean California title, clean Carfax report, service records, and aftermarket part bills are all included with the sale. For anyone wishing to return the GT4 to factory specifications all of the original parts will accompany the car in the deal. Porsche designed the GT4 to quiet the doubters who said they would never build a 911 beating Cayman. The GT4 supplies a comfortable drive on city streets all while retaining the ability to make even novice drivers feel confident at speed on the track.

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