1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 Now Live – Chauffeur Not Included

Designed by Mercedes to be a high-end luxury vehicle, the reality is that this 600 comes with more equipment than most furnished apartments. Inside the Light Ivory over tan leather boulevard cruiser is a working refrigerator, real wood trim pieces, rear climate control, rear stereo controls, a sunroof, full-power everything, and the original Becker radio with 1990’s car phone – this car is corporate raiding condensed. The 126’ wheelbase is flanked by optional decorative chrome side moldings that beautifully blend into the also optional wheel well arch moldings finished in chrome. Nicely tucked into those wheel wells are chrome wheels adorned with body-color matching covers.

Powering you from downtown meetings to the yacht club is svelt 6.3-liter V8 with mechanical fuel injection that has around 57,000 miles on the clock. This motor (M100) is claimed to have been individually bench-tested by Mercedes before being placed into their host. At the time of delivery, it is claimed that output was an ample 250 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. After combustion that motivation is sent to the rear wheels through a buttery 4-speed automatic transmission.

Originally purchased by a resident of Los Angele’s prestigious Bel Air district, service records show over $20,000 of reputable maintenance performed during the tenure of this current owner. Included in those recent services are new Yokohama tires, engine mounts, rear brake pads, a brake fluid flush, shifter bushings, fuel hoses, belts, front shocks, and multiple suspension components to keep the air suspension lofty. With only 2,190 short-wheelbase 600’s manufactured during their 18-year run, supplies are short, so isn’t it time to live like the other half?