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Why exactly do I need someone to help market my car?  Don't I just call the Penny Saver or stop by my local dealer?

When you sell a house, a team of experts help you maximize your profit.  When you buy stocks, your financial advisor applies a number of strategies he has spent his life working on to direct your returns.  But yet, cars, usually the second largest investment we make, and the most complex consumer good we buy, we handle almost frivolously when it comes time to sell or buy.  These are massive investments in which a few cell phone pictures and sentences should not be the bar set to maximize return or quality.  The days of small classified ads and "Must See" are long faded with online routes becoming far more dominant and effective.

So when it comes to selling or buying a car, having a resource like WOB Cars, is critical.  We provides a full concierge experience marketing your car including professional photography, in-depth specific research of your car, personalized marketing strategies, shipping facilitation, after sales follow-up and much, much more.

Our presentation maximizes transparency and the beauty of your car, and our marketing channels make sure to provide real eyes, real buyers and real representations of correct market value.

In short:  WOB Cars will maximize your investment through a marketing approach unique to you, and your car.

Can't I just submit my own car to the same places you market?

This is a great question.  And the answer is sure, go for it.  The problem with cars, much like real estate is if you don't do all of the right things, the car may not sell and in turn sit stagnant on the market.  And like houses, the longer it sits, the more toxic it becomes.  Poor photos, incomplete information, poor seller interaction, wrong venue for the car and a variety of other elements can lead to very troublesome outcomes.  We love to market on Bring a Trailer, who curate cars accepted for their platform and unfortunately good and something great cars get turned down because of these elements (often at a rate well over 75%).  The expectations of the market has shifted up drastically in recent years and unless you find yourself incredibly educated in the automotive world, with quite a lot of free time, having a trusted resource like Wob Cars can provide the more structured and profitable path.

What types of vehicles do you market?

We specialize in collector, specialty and exotic cars.  However, we are no stranger to all type of interesting vehicles, motorcycles, planes, boats, tanks, and everything in between.  We have broken multiple world records and are a results based company.  Click to see some of our prior results and be sure to Submit your vehicle today!

I live on a rural farm in Montana, how do you access my car?

After we develop a background to the car, we dispatch one of our photographers to your home to make your beautiful car shine!  At the moment we only serve The United States and Canada, (but we highly encourage submissions from Fiji )

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer any of your questions.  Reach out here